22 November 2015

Victory Wrestled From Defeat

If we don't count the occasional introduction of garden centre plants there are only two times of the year I do some proper Gardeners Question Time type of gardening.  One in spring when young weeds are suddenly everywhere, and then now, in November, when the dead and dying need tidying away.

This season's visitation also involved the digging up of the 'what was I thinking?' plants.

17 November 2015

A Witchy Prose Poem: While Barney Blows

No, I don't know what a prose poem is either. I'm just using it as an excuse for posting an incoherent bit of something I've whipped up while Barney does his stuff.

"Rolled in yellow light. Wading through carpet in slippers as heavy as hiking boots. Surrounded by hissing appliances. The television whispers to the low watt light. The PC sings with the central heating.

Entombed in warmth, biscuited, enveloped in cushions. Maslow’s needs met, Witchy rages at her privilege. Gifted with all, her blood slumbers, her arse grows fat, and her neurones numb.

15 November 2015


River Mersey at West Didsbury

So it wasn't the named storm Abigail, but an unnamed blob (scientific term) of rain that caused England's rivers to flood.

Hoping for some drama to enliven a suburban weekend I stomped down to the Mersey, and was gratified to find it had indeed over spilled its allotted embankments and was sitting sulkily across the pathways.